The Vidal Sassoon 1” Vibrating Straightener uses Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to achieve a sleek and smooth frizz-free hairstyle.

  • Vibrating plates allow for a perfect glide each time, with no snagging or pulling.
  • Digital heat display for precise styling.
  • 30-second fast heat-up.
  • Up to 400 degrees of high heat.

How to Use

Once plates are heated, separate hair into 1-inch sections. Then, gently place hair between the hot, smoothing plates and clamp down firmly on the handles.

Next, carefully slide the straightener along each isolated section, making sure the hair is heated and straightened all the way to the ends.

Note: The ends will probably require less heat than the hair that grows closer to the scalp.

For best results, hold the end of your hair while smoothing each hair section. Then, carefully release pressure on the handles and let hair slip out from the plates.

The smoothing process does not require over lapping; separate each section of hair and work on it as detailed above.

To finish, allow hair to cool before combing, brushing or touching.


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